The Fun of Yacht Chartering in Singapore

Sweet. We just came back from a wedding held on a yacht. Everything was so fun and cool! It is a small, heart warming and warmth wedding. It is the first one we went to and we are so glad that we went!

For a wedding, there are several types of charters available including day cruises, night cruises, weekend charters, extended weekend charters, half-day cruises, and moonlight cruises. Each cruise offers a variety of opportunities to gather photographs, relax and unwind, learn relaxation techniques, visit exotic destinations, watch new wildlife, or build on team capabilities.

If you are concerned of budget, do not worry. Yacht chartering in Singapore is a very affordable option. Wedding is a once in a lifetime big event and renting a yacht chartering is a very enjoyable way of celebrating. So instead of buying or renting a normal hotel ballroom, charter a yacht in Singapore for your wedding!

The Fun of Yacht Chartering in Singapore

Popular destinations

Some of the most popular places to visit are just outside of Singapore. These include the Batam and Bintam Islands in Indonesia. Tioman Island in Malaysia is a frequented tourist attraction. Da Bo Gong is located on the southern island of Kusu. It is a Chinese temple, and the island is called the Tortoise Islands because of the abundance of tortoises. Long cruises to Palau Aur are popular for vacationers that have extra time, or for those seeking a long getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle. Sabana Cove in Malaysia is a popular night cruise destination. The magical activity of the island along with scheduled events offers visitors a chance to see Malaysia in the nighttime. Evening charters give visitors a chance to see Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia come alive with fun dancing, drinking, and social events.

The Fun of Yacht Chartering in Singapore

Favorite amenities, activities, and events

Yacht tours are designed around different offerings like sporting events, relaxation cruises, meet and greet, corporate team building sessions, and honeymoon cruises. Sporting enthusiasts find plenty of golf, beach volleyball, ping-pong, swimming, tubing, snorkeling, fishing, tennis, and other physical activities to enjoy.

However, those who are looking for a quieter and more relaxed cruise for their wedding and wants to have peace and relax activities can find spa treatments like facials, massages, body wraps, aromatherapy, hot rock treatments, and healthy meals served under the moonlight fit their needs and desires fully.

After the wedding ceremony, that is, of course. The yacht can bring the guests back to shore and the couples can enjoy themselves after that.

Cool isn’t it?

Crazy Ideas For Your Wedding Theme

You plan your wedding and search the place that will please all your standards. You want something original, unique, different, because you want to remember your day as one of the most beautiful in your life. If you find a wedding theme, you will define better your dreams and the wishes. So, chose one of these themes and enjoy your beautiful wedding!

cute wedding bride

Not that we are crazy, but we almost went to do something similarly crazy for our wedding.

That beautiful 40’s

So, how would look your forties style wedding?

You can organise your ceremony on some meadow, with round tables and romantic tablecloths. You can serve small sandwiches,cookies, the fruit in big plates, the wedding cake, and for drink champagne, tea and lemonade.

The wedding dress is simple, lips colored. Do not forget the gloves and you can also have a vintage veil or even a hat. Colours are beige, ivory and white. For the groom just a simple suit or even a soldier uniform.

Scary Halloween

Start with the proper invitation cards. Our proposition would be the one made to look as Ouija board. Halloween dress for bride is black. Gothic make up, of course!.

Rings place in a box made in the shape of a coffin.

Place for wedding ceremony, of course, is not a church. Decorate the space as befits, with red velvet curtains, high candlesticks, and best man who ‘died’ a month ago.

Even crazier, even better: Cinema wedding!

You want a completely different wedding. You and your boy are funky and that’s the way you imagine your dream wedding.

Why not try to rent a movie theater to organize your wedding?

wedding - your big day!

It takes a little imagination and a want to do something different, and a lot of creativity and work on the little things. The result – an unforgettable and crazy dream wedding that everyone will long remember!

Dress like your favorite movie star, dress you darling the same, and enjoy!

Christmas wedding

The church is already decorated, love is in the air, so why not decide on a winter wedding?

The ideal colors for celebration in this part of the year is the traditional red and green, but you can opt for silver and ice blue or beige and gold.

cute wedding bride

As far as the decoration at your disposal a variety of classic, but still attractive winter motives such as snowflakes.

The dress should definitely be white, and considering that the winter, wear a long white gloves and a short white fur coat.